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? >> commissioners again we do have a full agenda and full room. i will keep it brief. quickly saint patrick's day which was march 16 went off pretty well citywide. this year the saint patrick's parade was on a saturday. when the day rolled around the city was partied out. so saint patrick day itself was pretty low key. nothing major incident wise and the city was relatively pretty busy, lots of deployment from sfpd and everything was handled pretty well. a list have -- of incidents few that i will mention, 3130 mission mission incidents out of this particular menu. we've already started talking to mission statement about this with a plan of action for this particular venue we've also reviewed the ownership and management as well and we'll meet with them next week and report back to you any changes and what our point of action is. also, we've also done a few other things as the commission knows last time there is a permit for a raz room. we did test that location. the first night we issued the rest of the permits for the week and we did receive no sound complaints. that went off fine. there were
. the massachusetts governor duval patrick is here. he's not far away. he is going to be joining us live this hour. he's coming over here to our location. we'll get the latest from him. sources have told us there has been what they call significant progress in this investigation. sources also say the investigators want to question a possible suspect who has been seen spotted on videotape. washington meanwhile has been rattled by official word that comes after a letter sent to president obama and the u.s. senator have tested positively at least initially for the deadly poison ricin. we're just learning that president obama will deliver a statement on the gun control measure that just failed in congress. he will go to the white house rose garden. this hour we'll have live coverage of the president deeply disappointed because they have failed to pass these, even these modified background check expansion regulations. meanwhile, authorities are supposed to come out fairly soon to brief us on the latest investigation in the boston marathon bombings. we're getting conflicting word on when that might happen i
to capitol hill. this time, u.s. postmaster general patrick donahoe told a house committee, the postal service is operating with a broken business model and losing $25 million daily. unless congress changes laws, donahoe predicts the situation will become worse. he suggests cutting saturday delivery and tighter controls on healthcare and pensions. more americans are warming up to the idea of renting. allstate insurance reports the demographics for renters are changing: the median age of renters is 40 years old. roughly 60% of renters are over the age of 35. "we're seeing people move in to the renters market by choice. they like the flexibility that comes with renting, and they have some concerns about investing their money in a depreciating asset - that being a home - without any knowledge of whether or not we've hit a bottom in terms of real estate pricing." that was don bailey of allstate insurance. meanwhile, millenials are moving in to the role of home ownership. a growing trend also reveals many younger couples are buying homes before marriage. doll demand gave a lift to mattel's
response. just in terms of the amount of information they're being given by mayor patrick, the mayor, the commissioner of police davis. whether there's a sense this is being handled in an efficient, effective and calm manner so far. >> i think that first of all, i think both governor patrick and commissioner davis did themselves a great service last night at that press conference that took place while your show was on the air. governor patrick slapping down that alex jones idiot, then commissioner davis producing really the only piece of information at that press conference, which is that the gentleman in the hospital was not a suspect. and commissioner davis was quite firm about that. and i think they both did themselves a great service and the city a great service by being as definitive in pfotenhauer cases as they are. this is so far been a very locked down investigation. very little leaking. there's talk now about finding photographs before the event and whether or not the security along boylston street was at tight as it should be. >> charlie, i want to just jump in for a second
patrick, the governor, who rises in one occasion after the other and the president who is the aingeor of the service today. all of them will speak. it's going to be sort of a classic interfaith service with script actual readings from various texts and also beautiful hymns, of course, you'll be hearing that throughout and we'll talking whenever we can. then at the end of the service we'll try to talk to everyone who was in there, and experienced that room. alex wagner from msnbc and mike barnicle, also, of course with us and congressman ed markey who is from massachusetts as well so we'll try hear from everybody. let me go to governor malloy again. yesterday, these are sort of coming together, colliding, if you will, these emotional experiences for our country. newtown in december seems like yesterday, and, of course, this monday horror up at boston along the parade route, in fact, at the finish line for the boston marathon. what has been a change in your life having lived through all of this because you've been really now a veteran of this kind of the season of horror for us? >> you
'malley for opening the embrace of his cathedral to all of us. to president obama, to governor patrick, to mayor menino, to all who are in public service, to the religious leaders of the commonwealth, to every citizen, regardless of creed, we gather as a community, as brothers and sisters in the household of god, to bow our heads in solemn prayer for the repose of the souls of three innocent victims whose lives were violently taken and for the countless victims who will bear painful wounds for the rest of their lives. we come today to thank god for the police and firefighters, the national guard, for the doctors and nurses, for all who courageously.flessly and we pray that our gracious, loving and compassionate, our merciful god, the healer of our souls and bodies, watch over us and comfort us in our hour of pain. and that he who is the prince of peace bring peace to our souls and to our community. and may almighty god bless america. >> metropolitan methodius, the greek orthodox leader, spiritual leader of boston and new england. speaking now, mayor thomas menino, the city's longest serving mayo
's first term. he's now with the center for the national interest. and patrick cronin, senior director of the asia-pacific security program at the center for a new american security. welcome to you both. patrick cronin, what do you make of the dia reports that came out yesterday about the prospect of north korea having a nuclear warhead that could fit atop a missile. and then the rollback by the head of the director of national intelligence and the pentagon? >> well, based on the excerpt of the dia report, it seems that the defense intelligence community is saying its he reasonable to assume that north korea has overcome the major hurdles to miniaturizing a warhead so it can be place add top a missile. but we don't have evidence of that. we don't have direct evidence. and so i think the rollback, the pushback from secretary kerry and others today in seoul, we're saying not so fast. don't make people think this is a black and white issue. we're making asump shuns based on circumstantial evidence. we haven't yet seen it demonstrated. and we may not until they have that capability and the
explosions that happened in the boston marathon yesterday. first up governor deval patrick, the governor of massachusetts. >> there's an enormous presence of federal, state and also local law enforment agencies working very much hand hand and pulling in the same direction. that's important. i think as chief executive my job is to make sure they have the resources they need and to step back and give them the space they need to do what they must do. and we as citizens, i think have to be patient with that the other thing on the comforter side is to assure people of that about which i am confident which is that we will heal. we will be strong and we will be a sustaining community even through arage like this one. >> rose: we kin this evening with mike barnicle of msnbc's morning joe kevin cullen of "boston globe" and john miller of cbs. >> if they think they will get us they don't know much. we care in boston about politics, sports and revenge. the revenge is the laughter of our children. these guys don't knowwhat ty did. every cop i talked to today, just hard looks and people are ready. a
judgment. i think the caution you're hearing from governor patrick and ed davis, the police commissioner, is about right. the who matters less now than that we're getting people to safety and they got people to safety quickly. >> tom fuentes, certainly the fact that there were multiple devices and seemingly coordinated, we don't know the means by which they were coordinated, but that is significant. that is though they might not be sophisticated devices, that at least shows a level of planning or sophistication in how this was carried out. >> well, that could be, anderson, but you could easily have one person drop one device in a trash container at one location, walk 100 yards to the other location, drop one in there, and then maybe remotely detonate it by cell phone or have some type of a timer or delayed fuse or some way to detonate it, where they could both go off together but not require multiple people to deliver them. so this could be as few as one person or one, two, five people, maybe, involved in this -- setting this thing up. it's possible for one to have done it. >> tom, how m
believe massachusetts governor deval patrick. they have addressed the press several times. it will be the boston police department giving some more updates on the latest there. greg was in the medic tent, speaking to us by phone, when he saw the first responders spring into action. did you see the people brought in? did you see the kind of injuries people were sustaining? >> i did. to put it bluntly, i would prefer not to describe what i saw. i would say only people in military or emts responding to accident victims or that sort, it's not something i would not -- as you might guess, it was bloody injuries, ranging from what i would guess were superficial to much more severe than that. and you can just speculate based on what you've seen the medical reports are. i was in there. i saw the immediate victims being brought in, so it was not pretty. >> greg, who ran the marathon today, was in the medic tent at the moment of the explosion. i hope you're feeling better and thank you so much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> you bet. again, my prayers are out to the
of the public wishing to address you on that item? >> i would like to make a comment. >> patrick, and patrick and company. i attend many of these board meetings but you are right, i believe that the cac, is a joke. i am sorry to say that. there is fine people there, but this board takes no notice of their activity in a minimum you should at least have their minutes so that you can see what is going on, what has come to their. i know that there is one issue about the artwork for the transbay terminal and they wrote the board a letter and no response. i don't think that they are effective and you need to make that order effective. thank you. >> thank you. >> and members of the public that want to address you on that item? >> so with a first and a second? >> harper? >> aye. >> lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf. >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> that is four ayes item ten is approved. item eleven. >> approval. >> second. >> no members of the public wishing to address you on that. and believe that harper harper will be abstaining? >> lloyd? >>ite aye. >> reiskin >> aye. >> and that does conclude it for toda
mad men and elizabeth lost and meredith gray himself, patrick >> dan: tonight a bay area company that makes a robot doctors use to perform surgeries is under investigation. there are reports of problems and even death. ron clayborn has more. >> robo surgery has been hailed as a major medical breakthrough with claims that highly precise robots are steadier than the human hand. tie any forceps peel the skin off a grape and better outcomes for patients. they have performed hundreds of operations. >> the tip of instrument moves one millimeter. >> this week they cited him for complications during 11 robotic surgeries. in one instance a aorta was torn. he and his lawyer declined comment. fda is looking into increasing number of serious medical problems and even death. among 500 incidents, a doctor could not control movements and death after a patient's bowel was ripped. and also doctors say it's the device but they say there are other things. >> during an operation when there needs to be an emergency cpr or to an operation, the robot has gotten in the way. >> in a written statement the
to home ownership. kpix 5's patrick sedillo with how they managed to get their homes for a bargain. >> reporter: this is the moment 36 families have been waiting for for a long time. owning their own homes in daly city. they helped to build with help from habitat for humanity. >> today is the culmination of 160,000 hours of bay area volunteer time. >> reporter: the peninsula is infamous for expensive houses. the median price? $600,000. keeps home ownership out of reach for most. the mortgage they will pay? >> $210,000. >> reporter: last year these high school students spent their spring break volunteering to help build the 36 condos. along with more than 12,000 people. >> washer and dryer. >> reporter: she and her family put in the hours. and she can hardly believe they own their own zero interest, zero down condo and promise to pay it forward. >> get more families involved and get more families applied to habitat. >> reporter: shannon explained what happened when her husband found out they were accepted into habitat. >> he was the one that got teary and just started holding me and
viewer. patrick snell is live from augusta and much more in today's bleacher report. hi. >> yes. controversy on the debate. tiger woods is still in the tournament, though, and will tee it off a later sunday. but it really was a huge talking point for millions of golf fans worldwide. in a nutshell, as you say, tiger assessed a two hp shot penalty for that rule infraction which he fulliedy ed y admitted to d friday's second round. that led to him signing a scorecard. allowing the ruling committee at augusta to use their digression and not disqualify him from the tournament. although, some feel he really should have disqualified himself. >> under the rules of golf, i can play. so, you know, i was able to play and they say, go ahead. i don't go on the internet during tournaments like this. there is a lot of stuff said. i stay away from the media and i was surprised what transpired. i made a mistake and incurred a two-shot penalty. >> he did. but tiger is, as a result of that penalty, four shots behind the leaders. who are they. brandt snedeker at 7 under par. tied for third in 2008
of massachusetts deval patrick is with us from the command post at the westin hotel not far from us here. governor, thank you for being with us. first of all, is there anything you've been on the inside all day, anything you've learned? any imagery you've seen that would lead us to believe they're any further down the road? >> well, i think your reports about the status of the investigation are pretty thorough. what we know, we have made public or most of it anyhow. the investigators at the federal, state and local level are coordinating beautifully, and we have every conceivable asset on the ground, and they are literally combing the blast site with a fine-tooth comb to piece together what happened and ultimately the story of how and bring whomever is responsible to justice. it's a slow process. it's a painful one. but there are also alongside this, brian, some extraordinary stories of grace and kindness that people have shown, both neighbors from massachusetts and visitors from outside of the city and the state. >> i heard your public plea, governor, a young woman who was helped by an army serge
expensive for many families. but kpix 5's patrick sedillo says a few learned today of how investing a bit of sweat equity with pay off. off -- can pay off. >> reporter: this is the moment 36 families have been waiting for for a long time. owning their own homes in daly city. they helped to build with help from habitat for humanity. >> today is the culmination of 160 hours of bay area volunteer time. >> reporter: the peninsula is infamous for expensive houses. the median price? $600,000. keeps home ownership out of reach for most. the mortgage they will pay? >> $210,000. >> reporter: last year the high school students spent their spring break volunteering to help build the 36 condos. along with more than 12,000 people. >> washer and dryer. >> reporter: she and her family put in the hours. and she can hardly believe they own their own zero interest, zero down condo and promise to pay it forward. >> get more families involved and get more families applied to habitat. >> reporter: shannon explained what happened when her husband found out they were accepted into habitat. >> he was the one tha
individual? >> rose: this afternoon there was a press difference by governor patrick and state and local officials, including f.b.i. officials in charge of the investigation. >> at this time there are no claims of responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remains wide open. importantly the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker or relative. we're asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or date of april 15 in anyway that indicated he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> rose: so many questions come out of this crisis, always why and how zit change our behavior because a form of terrorism has taken lives. we begin this evening with governor of massachusetts, deval patrick. we have talked to law enforcement officials and people from the medical profession and good citizens of boston and massachusetts. i would like to look at this through unique eyes of you, as the chief executive officer of massachusetts, tell me what you saw and what you felt and where you are and where you have to go with the people o
wounds suffered in the bombing. a short time ago, massachusetts governor patrick met with reporters and here's what he had to say. >> over 100 people were injured, some gravely. we are not ready yet to confirm the details of those injuries. there are federal, state and local law enforcement all on scene and coordinating very closely the f.b.i. has taken charge of the investigation as i mentioned. special agent in charge rick deslauriers will speak to that in just a minute. this is an active investigation, particularly in the several blocks around boylston street around that blast area. that's a crime scene. the national guard has secured that crime scene and is limiting access to it. >> pelley: as you just heard the governor mentioned that the f.b.i. is taking the lead in the investigation. nick deslauriers is the agent in charge. >> it is a criminal investigation that is -- has the potential -- is a potential terrorist investigation. we will be working diligently to gather information and gather all the facts and bring those who are responsible for this crime to justice as swiftly
religious leaders, the mayor will be here. governor deval patrick. among those in the congregation will be the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney. and yo-yo ma, the great cellist who went to harvard, will be performing as well as some chorus. it's a simple service. it's one that is all-too familiar to the president, who will be, for the fifth time in his presidency, be consoler in chief. after the ft. hood tragedy. in tucson, in aurora, colorado, the horrific shooting at the movie theater. and most recently in newtown, connecticut. this is a community that is still in grief, still in mourning. it's not just here. we saw emotions coming to the fore in washington yesterday. with the secretary of state, john kerry and first lady, michelle obama. take a listen. >> what happened on monday was a reminder that in times of kra sis, here in america, we respond with courage and grit and selflessness. and those who rushed to aid the victims, the police officers and the fire fighters, the first responders. and our men and women in uniform. that's the spirit of boston. and also the s
over an hour ago. want to listen to this new update from governor deval patrick on the latest developments. listen. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found yesterday. other parcels, all other parcels, in the area of the blast have been examined, but there are no unexploded bombs. >> reporter: that's a key piece of information you just heard from governor deval patrick. he said two and only two explosive devices were found, and those are the two that went off. they did not find any unexploded devices here. no bombs that did not go off. right now i want to bring in barbara starr. barbara, you just got some new details on this investigation. what have you just learned? >> well, john, we now know that about 1,000 national guard massachusetts and from other new england states assembling on scene to support local law enforcement and help them out. people have been talking about this as a war zone. literally, john, the u.s. military intelligence working with the fbi, they have years of experience together now from the wars in iraq and afghanist
had a press conference from patrick swanson with the wake dco police department. he did say after the responders arrived at the fire and recognized there was the presence of anhydrous ammonia they recognized there was a danger they did begin evacuating people at that point. a woman was quoted in local reports as saying when she saw the fire she started driving toward it to see if she could help out. two boys came in and said you can't come in here they are telling us all to leave because the fertilizer plant is on fire and there's a danger of explosion. people were told to leave the area prior to the blast itself. according to sergeant swanson they started evacuating people once they realized there was a potential for this devastation. >> it could have been potentially much worse. i asked that specific question because they know in texas what can happen at a fertilizer plant. the worst industrial accident that has ever happened in this country happened in texas at a fertilizer plant. happened on april 16th if that is ironic to you way back in 1947 in texas city texas at a fertiliz
us on the situationthe about a half an hour ago. he was there along with governoe duval patrick, let's hear from him now. >> at 2:50 p.m. today there were simultaneous explosions thatlost occurred along the route of the boston marathon near the finish line. these explosions occurred 50 to 100 yards apart, and each scenee resulted in multiple casualties. at this point in time all of of victims have been removed grt gt scenefromthe scene. we have several numbers numb hospitals to be in touch with family members, and possible witnesses. we immediately activated avated system of response that the the massachusetts and the federal fe government has in place for r these type of incidents. inci my first two calls were to the special agent in charge of the fbi, and to the colonel of the state police, both rick and tim, immediately sent resources. we have at this point in time determined that there's been aea third incident that has occurred, there was an explosio that occurred at the jfk jfk library. this is very much an ongoing ono event at this point in time. ti. we are not certain if knee
kind of attack. >> okay, we see the officials walking in right now. we know that governor deval patrick and mayor tom menino is there serving in his 20th year and joined by the police commissioner ed davis and fbi special agent in charge and several others including massachusetts senator elizabeth warren as they gather. we're hoping to learn more about it. >> act of terror yesterday, we wanted to organize a briefing with you and the information we have. the mayor is here. the members of our congressional delegation, all of the law enforcement leadership. we have several people who want to present to you this morning and take your questions. a couple points i want to mention at the outset. i told you yesterday that the fbi has taken charge of the investigation, special agent in charge, rick deloria will speak shortly. it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive guises were found yesterday. other parcels, all other parcels in the area of the blast have been examined but there are no unexploded bombs. there were no unexploded explosive devices found. over 150 people were inju
points and the stretch of boylston street. i'm joined now by massachusetts governor deval patrick. thank you for joining me. >> thank you, lawrence. >> i'd like you to tell the story about how you found out about these explosions. i heard you explain this on a local interview. >> i had been out at the finish line crowning the men's and women's winners earlier in the day and i had finished up, i don't know, 1:00 or so -- >> you had done your governor duty for the day. >> i did my governor duty. i had an unusually empty afternoon, i did some errands and i went to work out and i was driving home and my youngest daughter called from this neighborhood. she wasn't actually at the race but nearby and she said, dad, i heard two loud booms and everybody's running. what's going on? and i said, i don't know. but let me find out. and i asked the state trooper i was with whether he knew what was going on and he said, no, but i'll check in. and, of course -- >> so here's the governor of massachusetts, two bombs have gone off on boylston street at the boston marathon and you have the state police, you
. and the spirit of this country shall remain undimmed. to governor patrick mayor menino, cardinal o'malley and all the faith leaders who are here, governors romney, swift, weld and dukakis. members of congress and most of all, the people of boston and the families who have lost a piece of your heart. we thank you for your leadership. we thank you for your courage. we thank you for your grace. i'm here today on behalf of the american people with a simple message. every one of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city. every one of us stands with you. because after all, it's our beloved city, too. boston may be your hometown, but we claim it, too. it was one of america's iconic cities. it's one of the world's great cities. and one of the reasons the world knows boston so well is that boston opens its heart to the world. over successive generations you've welcomed, again and again, new arrivals to our shores. immigrants who constantly reinvigorated this city and this commonwealth and our nation. every fall you welcome students from all across america and all across the globe and every s
, and called in a couple of his friends, dave patrick being one of them, he was here today, and in the kiwis to come in and affect the rescue. dave patrick was able to land. he landed on the skid marks on the small helicopter. as you can see there is a high-tech bank which is almost on to the rotors of this helicopter. and patrick took out mark loutzenhiser. this is the second phase of the rescue were a second chopper comes in and picks up pablo. as you can see, the octagon is to a ring of fire. engines are starting to show up. the first cal fire engine, one of the crewmen was frank, who is here today. who had a stunning experience which is in the book, but they were able to get both men armed helicopters and get them out of there. known walker has described this rescue effort as vietnam like and i wrote. when i tried out on george, he said no, we do this every day. he sent me some pictures, including the picture of him from and he looks like he does every day. this is a tough customer. but this is a vietnam like. this is heroic. it did take something extra. to put a helicopternhere. under t
appreciate it. thank you. >> governor deval patrick. helping us better appreciate what's going on. we have people over here giving a nice round of applause. we appreciate it very, very much. all right. to continue to watch what's going on. i want to go to fran townsend, tom fuentes, to get a little better sense of what we just heard. fran, give us your thoughts on what we just heard from governor deval patrick? >> i think he's trying to assure the people it will come to a conclusion and people will be brought to justice. interesting he didn't acknowledge the special agent in charge in boston, acknowledged the recovery of the pressure cooker. we talked about that this morning. the lid, there are pictures now out with the forensics. we know law enforcement has gone through these videotapes and are focused on particular individuals. they've gotten a lot of investigative work done today. and they are much closer. it was interesting to me, wolf, he didn't really want to acknowledge the -- all of the investigative progress that's pn made, other than to say they's encouraged by it and it will tak
to boston mayor tom menino as well as massachusetts governor deval patrick to extend his thoughts with that community right now and says the administration will stand by them, offer them whatever assistance they need as they deal with this situation. we do have a statement from the white house which i can read to you, tamron. it was released a short time ago. it says "the president has been notified of the incident in boston. his administration is in contact with state and local authorities. he directed his administration to provide whatever assistance is necessary in the investigation and response." i can tell you the vice president has also been made aware of this situation. he extended his thoughts and prayers to those in boston right now who are dealing with what is such an incredibly difficult situation. as is customary in these types of incidents, tamron, pennsylvania avenue outside of the white house has been shut down to foot traffic. that is really out of an abundance of caution, of course, a security measure to make sure just in case that the white house is being protect
with missing limbs. governor deval patrick called what happened today a horrific attack. officials say that a third explosion, as we said, occurred at the jfk library an hour later. residents of the city were warned to stay home today. in fact, the blast happened about two hours after the first runners crossed the finish line. at that iconic event, the boston marathon. because of the magnitude of the event today, there were tens of thousands of spectators right there at the finish line. where the bomb went off. two bombs went off. putting them in the blast area. luckily, there were also police officers and medical personnel on the scene in position to give immediate assistance. according to the white house, the president was briefed by members of his senior staff around 3:00 today, ten minutes after the bombing he called boston mayor tommy menino and massachusetts governor deval patrick offering support they might need. because bombs are involved, it's it's hard to escape the conclusion this is an act of terrorism. terrorism like any act of human violence has a purpose. setting bombs a
governor patrick. the most important fact that i wanted to convey to everybody this evening has already been mentioned by governor patrick. the fbi has taken the lead in this investigation it is asserting federal jurisdiction it will do so through the boston task force. members of which are comprised by the members of the law enforcement agencies represented here by the podium. this will be a combined federal state and local effort it will be an ongoing investigation. it is is a criminal investigation that is -- has the potential -- is a potential terrorist investigation. we will be working diligently to gather information and gather all the fax and bring all those responsible for this crime to justice as swiftly as possible. it is ongoing investigation as governor patrick mentioned. i'm not at liberty right now to go into details of that investigation. echoing governor patrick's words i encourage everyone to have a heightened state of vigilance here in the boston area tonight and tomorrow as we move forward. i urge anybody who has any information pertaining to this crime to call 1-800-
patrick, governor deval patrick here is taking care to describe the location of the bombing. the boylston street area. that whole area around the finish line of the marathon as an active crime scene. in a technical sense, does that mean that it's still a place in which they are collecting evidence and so essentially has to be sealed from any outside contamination? >> they'll do their best. i mean, i think a large area there is sealed, and certainly the area around the street and the route is going to be very, very carefully examined for forensic evidence by both the boston police department and the fbi. now that's, of course, potentially important to a future prosecution, but right now much more importantly, it's important that evidence is not contaminated so you can do good forensic analysis and try to track it back in a way that you can identify who did this, where it came from, what sorts of materials were used, whether or not there's a certain signature associated with these bombs that the fbi or alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, atfe, has seen in the past. so, you know, it's
from massachusetts governor devalue, t patrick, and we're going to bring that to you when it begins. in the meantime, here's where things stand at this hour. as of now three people are dead and more than 18 o wounded. . some in critical condition. many of the wounded including those who lost limbs are facing, of course, years of recovery and therapy. one of those cases involves two brothers who both lost a leg. >> i have been moved and as a matter of fact, really amazed by the resolve of our patients. some of them woke up today with no leg and they told me that they're happy to be alive. they thought they would die as they saw the blood spilling out. they thought that they would lose their life right there and then. as they woke up today from surgery and they saw that they're not dead, they feel extremely thankful. >> wow. well, this, the boy, by the way, 8-year-old martin richard, has become the face of the tragedy. he died yesterday. his sister and mother were also very seriously wounded and they're in the hospital right now. today we learned the identity of another fatality, 29-y
patrick standing nearby. he says one of the questions was is this a semantics breakdown, is somebody being questioned or is somebody in custody but had not been arrested, and what we are told tonight is no. none of those things are true. yes, they believe they have identified at least one lead suspect, placing at the second site with video analysis. but based on what we're being told now, both publicly and my sources privately, no one in custody. no one being questioned and no one in sort of the never neverland where police sometimes bring you and have a conversation with you. the fact we've had no briefing all day is rather curious. >> so again, just to be absolutely clear, because i think the word "identified somebody", they don't -- they have no identity of the -- this person. they have a picture. is that -- >> that's a question. that's a question. there was confidence by investigators, they clearly have a picture that they have enhanced and they have somebody who they believe delivered that backpack to the second explosive site there. whether they have taken it to the next step and the
have been made yet. >> massachusetts governor, patrick says the investigation into monday's bombing is going to take time. >> they are doing this in a very truth row thoroughly. >> video shows what could be a suspect. investigators recovered a pressure cooker lid added to evidence already collected. much of which has come from those who witnessed the blast. >> countless pictures, all documenting the moment of terrier, and heroism. >> this veteran saw it firsthand. >> it was the worst day of our city, and the best day. >> 8-year-old martin richard, 29-year-old crystal campbell, and li lingzi. >>> it's something that can be with these patients forever. >> speaking before a group of wounded warriors gathered for a bike rally, president obama said they will serve as an insurance operation for the boston victims. >> some of them will be a long road to recovery. >> we have brand-new information. a law enforcement source says images two of men seen near the finish line are being circ circulated. we'll update with the latest information. back to you. >>> a young victim from martinez is one
journal" is every morning at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. patrick donahue talks about financial issues facing the post office. he is the featured speaker at the national press club on friday. live at 1 p.m. eastern on c- span 2. >> when the war began, congress came into session in july and it issued a statement known as the clinton resolution. it articulated the consensus or goals of the united states. it is very simple. it was very clear. the purpose of this war is to restore the union. todoes not -- and it is not drop the social institutions of the south. everyone knew what that meant. it meant not to disrupt slavery. >> evolution of president lincoln's viewon slavery. university of texas, austin's request or on emancipation. lectures in history saturday night at 8 p.m. eastern on american history tv. during thursday's session of the u.s. house, and members a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the texas fertilizer land fire. -- plant fire. >> i rise today in the wake of two great tragedies in our nation. the terrorist attack in boston and the tragedy in west, texas. they remind us
very much. . >> that was mayor of boston, tom me neen no and governor of massachusetts deval patrick. with us former fbi profiler clint van zandt. the governor said among other things he thanked the community for their -- for their staying calm and heeding law enforcement advice and they also mentioned -- sorry. going back to the press conference. let's take a listen. >> we're obviously way behind. it's indicative of the leads we continue to run down here and things change, they change quickly and sometimes we have to change direction. i want to begin by saying we are progressing through this neighborhood, going door to door, street to street. well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. the second thing i want to talk about briefly is this afternoon, there will be a controlled explosion, if you will, by some of the explosive ordinance folks in cambridge at a house we have secured earlier today. it's done out of an abundance of caution. it's done for th
; amtrak service was shut down into the city. massachusetts governor deval patrick spoke at 8:00 am. >> there is a massive manhunt under way. a lot of law enforcement involved in that. to assist that we have suspended all service on the m.b.t.a., our public transit service, and this will continue until we think it's safe to open all or some of that. we're asking people to shelter in place-- in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. and that applies here in watertown where we are right now. id walham, newton, belmont and, at this point, all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we're taking it seriously. we're asking the public to take it seriously as well and to assist law enforcement by following these simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other but we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> reporter: in washington, t
this unfold today, it was less than an hour after governor patrick lifted the shelter in place order for all of boston. less than an hour later, when we heard that large volley of gunfire in watertown and police just flooding that zoen zone, which ends in the process of those cheers tonight. can you describe for us the action that got to him? >> just in terms of time line of things, we first started hearing things on the scanner at a house at 67 franklin street a little bit before 7. okay. this wrapped up in about two hours. >> as you point out, and we are expecting another press conference from the state police, but over my right shoulder we had seen a few s.w.a.t. vehicles and then all of a sudden they peeled out of here. once they started it move, a number of vehicles were coming through. officers were moving so much more quickly than earlier under the day. there was a purpose to their movement. they were not making eye contact. they had no comment for anybody's questions. but they were bringing in so many more officers. at least one bus load came in. two dozen officers, not to mention al
for our fellow citizens. i've spoken with governor patrick and mayor menino and made it clear they have every resource necessary to care for the victims and counsel the families. i made clear to them that all americans stand with the people of boston. boston police, firefighters, and first responders, as well as the national guard responded heroically and continue to do so as we speak. it'sa i reminder that so many americans serve and sacrifice on our behalf every single day, without regard to their own safety, in dangerous and difficult circumstances. we salute all those who assisted in responding so quickly and professionally to this tragedy. we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. today's a holiday in massachusetts. patriots' day. a day that celebrates the free and fiercely independent spirit that thi
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